Economy Remap is much more popular with taxi drivers, remaps will pay for themselves in a couple of weeks!

If you’re looking to save money on fuel while still gaining sharper throttle response and reduced turbo lag along with additional power and torque then an economy car engine remap is the product for you!

Quantum Tuning are the UK’s largest remapping files service dealer group/franchise and have the best remapping/flashing software with over 520 dealers and 1000+ Approved Installation Centers. Represented in over 53 countries, the Quantum Remap is truly a global brand & best chip tuning company, shop and service. We are a market leader for ecu programming and reprogramming and chip tuning tools whole-seller across a range of over 6,000 cars, vans, motorhomes, truck and tractors and are the UK leaders in DPF Solution. As a quality led business we care passionately about what we do and how we do it, check out our Trustpilot ratings & Google business reviews to see what our customers think of us.

In addition to our supplying our own dealer network, we also confidentially supply tuning cars files to many of the better known tuning companies in the UK, who obviously demand the best. We at Quantum Tuning have a fair, open and honesty communication and ethics policy. We treat everyone fairly and in the same way that we like to be treated ourselves.


·         We will not overstate our figures to make them appear better than our competitors

·         We will not quibble over our 30-day money back guarantee

·         We will not raise your expectation of fuel savings, to a unreasonable level

·         We will tell you if the improvements on your car are minimal and therefore not worth doing

·         We will never pass on or sell our customer data


·         Every company in this industry, even one man bands, claim to be the best, or premier, or leading remapping company, which is un-provable – we let our reputation speak for itself.

·         We or our dealers will never discredit a competitor’s product or their service – we concentrate on our own business and try to do that the best we can

·         There are other very good companies in the remapping business, equally we know there poor ones too, often identified by ‘too good to be true’ prices


·         Every vehicle we do is Custom Remapped, to customer specification and to preserve integrity to the vehicles programming

·         Every vehicle we do carries a Lifetime Warranty on the software

·         Every vehicle we do carries a no-quibble 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

·         When selecting a tuning company to modify your pride and joy, you have to ask yourself are you prepared to accept second best, from a second rate company flashing a potentially dangerous, cheap and nasty generic tuning file onto your vehicle. No of course not...